4 popular types of piercings in men

Piercings give a new style in your life. If you want to go for it, the first thing you need to decide is what kind of piercing you want to do. Then you should select the right type of jewelry. Here are the most popular types of piercings you can try.

Ear stretching

Many men pierce their ears. Ear stretching means increasing the size of your pierced ears by making them plugs. These can be increased to form a larger hole in the ear. The jewelry you wear for this will show your unique style. You can choose jewelry made of wood, glass, acrylic, steel and silicon. This type of piercing is very popular.


This is a very attractive form of piercing. But you need a great body to show it off. You should use barbells for this location. You will enjoy the compliments and attention you get after piercing your nipples.


Lip piercing looks very sexy on a man. A stud or a ring in the lip’s corner can look very exciting. It enhances the masculinity of a man. The sensations you will get on your lips during intimate moments can be exciting as well.


Curved barbell piercing or a ring in eyebrow looks great in a man. This style is very popular. It looks better in a guy with a nice muscular body. It attracts women a lot.

Piercings are a unique way to express your individuality. It is a way to show your inner style to the world. You should choose the type of piercing that matches your personality.

Top 5 luxury watch brands in the world

Watches reflect a person’s style. It shows a person’s taste in accessories. Some watches can be found in the affordable range. But there are some luxury watch brands that are very expensive, but a true reflection of class, style, and functionality. Here are the top five luxury watch brands in the world.

Audemars Piguet

It is an ultra-luxury Swiss watch brand. It was founded in 1875, and it produces 36,000 watches every year. It has created the first steel luxury sports watch.

Vacheron Constantin

It is one of the oldest manufacturer’s of luxury watches. It was founded in 1755 in Geneva, Switzerland. It has precise detailing and traditional styling. Napolean Bonaparte had won this brand’s watches. Other historical men like Pope Pius IX and Harry Truman had also worn this brand’s watches.

Patek Philippe

This Swiss brand watch was founded in 1851. Its watches have complicated mechanics and traditional styling. These watches have been worn by the royalty. They have a distinctive signature style.


Watches of this brand are easily identifiable for their great detailing and classic look.  The brand was founded in 1860. The watches have state-of-the-art technological influence. Work of excellent craftsmanship is evident in the watches.


It is an internationally acclaimed brand. It is prized for its timeless function and style. Its classic designs represent the British origin of the watches. It makes 2,000 watches every day. It is one of the most powerful global watch brands.

All these watches represent high-quality style and functionality. They are unique and people love to wear them. Most of these watches are century old, and yet they haven’t lost any of their charms.

5 reasons men should wear silver jewelry

Silver is affordable. Silver jewelry for men will make your wardrobe shine. Men’s silver jewelry is eye-catching, and it is found in various designs. Here are five reasons why men should choose silver jewelry.

It will last

Silver will last for a long time even if it’s worn on a daily basis. It is a great choice for wedding bands. It can be used as an everyday jewelry also.

It has natural hue

Silver is the neutral color. It will go well with your stainless steel watch and with your white gold wedding ring as well. It will complement any outfit you wear. No matter which color you choose for clothing, silver jewelry will go well along with it.

Offers great value

Sterling silver jewelry is not made of pure silver. It is alloyed with another metal to make it strong so that rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc. can be made. Sterling silver contains 92.5% of pure silver. This makes the jewelry very precious.

Found in many styles

You can find various styles of men’s silver jewelry. From simple jewelry to something that is eye catching, you will find jewelry of every style.

Great for gift

It is a fun gift for various occasions. Sterling silver is affordable and will make an awesome gift. You can choose from men’s silver rings, bracelets, necklaces, etc.

Silver jewelry suits men the most. You will find varieties of options available. These jewelry are affordable and can be worn every day.